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Our History

Battlefield Bufala was founded in 2004 after we observed the buffalo all over the world and researched these ancient and noble animals.  Water Buffalo are the source of true mozzarella cheese. Karen decided to raise her animals drug-free and grassfed on a small scale.

Lean and Clean Meat to Order

The meat from water buffalo is naturally lean and healthy.  Battlefield stock are born and raised in Tarrant County Texas, grow up stress-free and are custom processed in nearby Weatherford. Local chefs and customers may request unique cuts of gourmet meat.

Retail and Restaurant trade

We sell frozen meat to the public via the Cowtown Farmers' Market, Roy Pope Grocery and phone requests.  We have the pleasure of having provided this delicacy to most of the high end Farm-to-Table restaurants in Ft. Worth and Dallas 

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Buffalo Meat Products and Prices

Ground Buffalo                                $9.00 per pound

Ribeye -Bone Tomahawk               $22.00

Ribeye - Boneless                            $20.00

Strip Steak                                        $20.00

Tenderloin                                        $28.00

Teres M. ("Mock")                            $19.00

Brisket                                                 $9.00

Hanger Steak                                   $10.00

All prices USD FOB Dallas/Ft.Worth and payable at deliveryarea

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