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Bison are the American buffalo but the rest of the world has 170 million buffalo (water buffalo) as their main source of dairy and red meat. We are now trying to introduce Americans to their benefits as tasty lean red meat, dairy and pets. 

* Raising, Promoting and Trading in Water Buffalo

* Breeding stock, meat, milk and pets

* No added antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Our herds graze in open pastures and frolic in and out of ponds

* Locations in Azle TX and Gettysburg PA

* Sales to individuals and restaurants - proud supplier to Classic Cafe, Ellerbe's. Fire Oak Grill, Museum of Modern Art, and other fine restaurants. Retail sales at 1926 Farmer's Market and Roy Pope. Direct at Cowtown Farmer's Market.

Our meat is TX inspected and processed!

Water Buffalo Meat Prices

Water Buffalo Meat Prices

Buffalo Ground Meat    $9.00 per pound

Buffalo Tenderloin      $ 30.00

Buffalo Sirloin Steak   $ 12.00

Buffalo Teres Major     $ 19.00 

Buffalo Strip Steak   $ 15.00

Buffalo Bone-In ("Tomahawk") Rib Eye  $18.00

Buffalo London Broil        $13.00

Buffalo Brisket                  $ 9.00

Buffalo Flank Steak         $ 13.00

Buffalo Skirt Steak          $12.00

Buffalo Hanger Steak       $10.00

Buffalo Liver                     $6.00

Buffalo Tongue                 $12.00

Buffalo Heart or Tail          $10.00

Other custom cuts available - Please inquire!

NOTE: Dog Bones available: Sm to Lg     $2 to $5 each

All prices are per pound in USD ---- Delivered in Ft. Worth area
Interstate sales carry S & H fees    Cash upon delivery
Prices subject to change without notice

Order by phone:  

Battlefield Bufala LLC

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