Battlefield Bufala L.L.C.
Home of the Happy Buffs!

Bison are the American buffalo but the rest of the world has 170 million buffalo (water buffalo) as their main source of dairy and red meat. We are now trying to introduce Americans to their benefits as tasty lean red meat, dairy and pets. 

* Raising, Promoting and Trading in Water Buffalo

* Breeding stock, meat, milk and pets

* No added antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Our herds graze in open pastures and frolic in and out of ponds

* Locations in Azle TX and Gettysburg PA

* Sales to individuals and restaurants - proud supplier to Classic Cafe, Ellerbe's. Fire Oak Grill, Museum of Modern Art, and other fine restaurants. Retail sales at 1926 Farmer's Market and Roy Pope. Direct at Cowtown Farmer's Market.

Our meat is TX inspected and processed!

Nutrition News

Water Buffalo are an important part of the world's protein source: there are about 153 million buffaloes and they can thrive in conditions where ordinary cattle cannot utilize the local vegetation. Whether consuming poor or lush vegetation, buffalo have richer milk than cows and leaner meat - lower saturated fat- than beef or pork.

For a recent interesting study conducted in Europe and featured in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (30 June 2010), see
The test concluded that consumption of buffalo meat favorably affects such cardiovascular markers as total cholesterol and triglyceride levels and other risk features
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